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Campbell Engineering - David Campbell, P.Eng. - Bridges, Soils, Project Management. Based in Victoria, British Columbia,Canada. Email

Applied Forest Science Limited is an International Consulting company based in Victoria, British Columbia. We advise on all aspects of forest health including disease and insect pests providing diagnostic as well as research services. Our senior staff have lectured, taught silviculture courses and advised governments and industry on forest pest management issues across North America, Europe and Asia. We are currently consultants to the forest nursery and silviculture industry in Canada and the United States and have been actively involved in researching alternatives to methyl bromide fumigation to control soil pathogens and for use as a quarantine agent.

Eric L Kay, Kay & Associates -  Forest Roads and Forestry Training Consultant - Forest Road Construction, Maintenance, Deactivation, Bio-engineering, Supervision, Audits, and Safety. Email

Paul E Lawson R.P.F. - P. Lawson and Sons Consulting, Burnaby, B.C.
Specializing in forest engineering, education, business development, strategic planning and innovative land use realities for the International Forest Industry EMail:

Paper on "Forest Road Effects on Hillslope Hydrologic Processes"

BEAK Environmental Specialists  Browse through our pages to find information on environmental issues and how BEAK can service your needs. Over the past 40 years, the company has grown substantially and earned an international reputation as innovative environmental specialists, providing professional and analytical services to government and industry on every continent.

Douglas M Bennett, RPF - Senior Researcher, Harvest Engineering.
FERIC - Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada - EMail

Tom Molfenter - TOMO Consulting Services - Email

David Benak, Civil Engineer - Hughes Bros Email david

John Dawson - Pacific Erosion Control (systems ltd) Email

Karen S Preckel, B.A. - Archeologgist - Arcas Consulting Archeoligists Ltd. Email

Tim Stokes, Ph.D, P.geo. - Terra Firma Geoscience Services Email

David Wall, Richardson Seed Company Ltd.  Email

Robert P. VanNatta E-mail: Logging

Dennis Brendalund, Intech Ltd - Inventor of innovative forestry machinery and products.   Email
The Forestry Association of Botswana.  We are a non profit making NGO, active in forestry extension, research and promotion of tree planting (emphasis on indeginous species) by the general public.
E-mail address is  Innocent L. Magole, Executive Director.

John W. Addison  RPF.   Janice L. Cleland  CGA.

 John Johnston, Environmental Sensors, Inc. e-mail:
"More can usually be accomplished if we don't worry about who gets the credit!" - anon

Ken Sumner, VP  Noront International Trade Services Inc.


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