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Eric L Kay, Forest Road Consultant, is a recognized authority on Industrial and Forest Roads and of the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia, Canada.

His set of 3 Manuals on the Forest Roads and the Forest Practices Code including Worker Safety have been well received internationally along with his many articles that have appeared in forestry trade magazines.

Eric has past practical experience as a Hoe operator & Driller/ Blaster. He currently provides Internationally, Engineering consulting services and Worker Training in the area of Industrial and Forest Roads.

He has worked with the British Columbia Institute of Technology as a consultant in the development of Forest Road Training Courses and a Training Video.
He currently practices as a consultant, specializing in; Forest Practices Code, Worker Training, Deactivation Layout, Forest Road Assessments and Project Supervision.

In the field of Training he currently acts as Facilitator for the B.C. Forestry Continuing Studies Network, presenting courses & seminars. And is also currently active presenting his own "in-house" training courses for both Ministry & Industry on subjects such as: Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Safety, Road Deactivation, Deactivation layout, Operator training, Bio-engineering and Forest Practices Code.

Deactivation and Site Re-habilitation
In the Deactivation field he is active in project planning, layout and supervision, specializing in problem & sensitive terrain, and the use of explosives in deactivation.

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Curriculum Vitae of Eric L Kay

Eric L Kay

8712 Island Highway, Black Creek, BC, V8J 1K5

Office: (250) 337-5096 Fax: (250) 337-5096


KAY, Eric L 
PROFESSION: Consultant in;  Forest Roads 
Forest Practices 
Watershed Rehabilitation 
A recognized authority on Forest Grade and the Forest Practices Code of B.C. Canada. 

His published set of three Manuals on Forest road Construction, Maintenance, Deactivation, Forest Practices Code and worker Safety have been well received internationally along with his recent articles that have appeared in Forestry Trade Magazines. The Jan/96 "Stream Crossings" and the June/96 "Road Rehabilitation" centerfold wall charts in Logging and Sawmilling Journal have proved popular reference tools. 

Eric has past practical experience as a Hoe Operator, Driller/Blaster, Forestry technician, Supervisor, Manager, Consultant with varied Interior and Coastal logging exposure. 

He has worked with the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the development of Forestry training courses and in the production of a ½ hour Training Video on Deactivation. 

In the Field of Training he currently acts as Facilitator, presenting Forestry related courses and seminars both for BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network and In-house for Industry and Ministry. 

In Watershed Restoration and Forest Road Rehabilitation (deactivation) he is active in Planning, Assessment, Field work, Quality control, Environmental monitor, Project management and Project supervision. He specializes in problem & sensitive terrain, and is pioneeringly innovative and proficient in the use of explosives to re-establish water flow and to ensure slope stability in watershed restoration.

21 June, 1945  
Canadian / British  
Grade 12, University program. 
College, Technology and Management Courses (list available) 
Class 1 Drivers license with Air endorsement. BC #1043950 
Blaster's Certificate. WCB #701 755 142
Canada, England, USA, France, and Holland.  
9 Years Forestry. 
25 Years Management. 
30 Years Teaching. 
3 Years as private Consultant. 
4 Years as a technical writer.
Experienced in; 
  • Planning, Constructing, Maintaining, and Supervising for Forest Roads. 
  • Constructing, Maintaining, and Supervising of Civil work. 
  • Planning, Implementing, Assessing, and Monitoring of Best Management Practices, Environmental Forestry and Forest Practices Code. 
  • Assessing, Planning, Laying out, Supervising for Forest Road Rehabilitation(deactivation). 
  • Formulating, conducting, and monitoring Safety plans. 
  • The prescription and use of explosives for Watershed Rehabilitation. 
  • Planning, Supervising, and Managing of Projects. 
  • Efficiency, Cost control and Cost reduction. 
  • Planning, Designing, Presenting of Training Packages. 
  • Training, Facilitating, and Mentoring, for Construction workers, Heavy Equipment operators, Technicians, Engineers, Foresters, and Management personnel. 
  • Presenting Time Management and Public Speaking courses. 
  • Village, Municipal, City, Provincial, Federal government affair experience. 
  • Financial and Corporate structure experience. 
  • Market research, analysis, and feasibility studies experience. 
  • Committee worker, Chairman and President of Community and Charitable organizations. 
  • Wholesale, Retail, and Merchandising experience outside the forest sector. 
  • Writing on technical subjects. 
  • Computer - Word processing, Desktop publishing, Spreadsheet, Database, HTML language, Internet. 
Specializing in Environmental but cost effective Forestry, Training, and Community infrastructure development.
1994 to Present
Consultant to the forest industry.  
Consultancy assignments include;
Facilitator for the BC Forestry continuing Studies Network.  
Facilitated Kay & Associates designed seminars for Forest Industry Corporations on such subjects as; Forest Road Construction, Maintenance, Deactivation, Safety, Bioengineering and Forest Practices Code. These comprised of Pre-packaged and custom designed courses.  
Assessed three watersheds for Rehabilitation. Trained 1st Nations persons in Watershed Restoration Principles. Worked closely with the Tribal Council and the Village Elders to address 1st Nations concerns for the land and worked with them to build Village infrastructure and to facilitate village persons participation and to start the village on to the road economic independence thru providing expertise and knowledge to establish small independent businesses.  
Technical writer of many published articles to Forest Trade publications. Some of these articles can be viewed and downloaded on the Internet at: 
Instructor, Night school and North Island College. Time Management, Public speaking and Ballroom Dancing.  
Guest speaker at forestry conferences; 
B.C. - Parksville | Vancouver | Prince George. 
Canada - Quebec City, Quebec. 
USA - Marquette, Michigan 
Bolivia - Santa Cruz
Designed and presented courses for the forest industry. For course list see  
Contractor - Snow removal.  
Conference Chair - INSIGHT Conferences, Vancouver, BC Canada
  • Road Construction Strategies under the BC Forest Practices Code - June 1997
  • Site Deactivation and Rehabilitation - April 1998
  • Recent Initiatives to Streamline Forest Practices in BC - April 1998
Forest Practices and Regulatory Agencies adviser to International Erosion Control Association Training Sessions, Vancouver, BC Canada  
Prescribed the use of Bio-engineering techniques for Slope Stabilization and Sediment Control  
Designed Bio-engineering seminar.  
Facilitator, International Forest Products, Sechelt. Annual Forest Road Construction and Maintenance Workshop "Environmental forestry and cost control"  
Supervised Watershed Restoration Project For Forest Renewal BC.   
Environmental Monitor for Ministry of Forests, Mid Coast Region.  
Provided mentor role to First Nations project Manager. Successfully trained 1st Nations persons to competently operate Excavator and Articulated truck.  
Prescribed and supervised the successful use of explosives to deactivate 6 Km of abandoned forest road. This is the 1st know use of explosives to make use of the economics of scale and was the subject of a time study by the BC Institute of Technology to compare Explosives costs with Machine work.  
Presented technical papers: 
Stream Crossings. 
Forest Road Rehabilitation.
Assessed re-habilitation of an old forest road for Ministry of Forests impacted by 5 slide events & specified innovative crossing solutions.   
Instructed machine operators in deactivation techniques in both class room and on the job. Interactive communication was accomplished with voice activated headsets.  
Provided deactivation prescriptions and project supervision for a Forest Corporation on Southern Vancouver Island. Some of this ground featured unstable fine textured soils on steep slopes and required careful machine work and bio-engineering to ensure water management and slope stability.  
Assessed and recommended upgrading on road system to meet the coming Forest Practices Code standards for a Forest Corporation on Northern Vancouver Island.  
1994 & 1997
Wrote and published a three book set of Supervisors and Operators Manuals on Forest Road Construction, Maintenance, Deactivation and Safety. "A must for anyone working on Forest Roads" Logger Magazine
(updated 1997)
Labour contractor, Heavy equipment. Operated heavy equipment, Managed and Directed Civil work, Power line erection and Logging road construction. 
Contractor, Vinyl siding installation.
Owned and managed a Grocery Store, gas station and Campground. 
Increased sales volume into a depression period at 20% per year.
Managed a Plumbing and Electrical service and 4,000 sq ft retail store. Quadrupled retail sales in 1st year. Estimating and overseeing installation of; Electrical, Water & sewer systems; Water treatment plants; Power distribution for remote communities logging camps.  
Department manager in Wholesale and Retail Lumber supply.  
Clerk rising to sales manager.   
Working holiday across Canada and Europe.  


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