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HINT Use these help items to get the most efficiency out of your web searches

WWW Tutorial [How to search the web]

[Filez] Search for actual files by name, subject , or content.
[Alta Vista, RECCOMENDED!!]
Yahoo Forestry
Hotlist [Finding gateways...]
Canadian WWW Central Index
Deja-News (Searches Usenet newsgroups for your topics)
EINet Galaxy Directory Service (A directory service organized into many useful categories)
Global Network Navigator
Whole Internet Catalogue)
WebCrawler Searching (Simple and comprehensive)
Comfind - The Internet's largest global business directory! - Search the world or target your own backyard
Mac's on the Web!
Search for Macintosh resources on the Web. (including Apples home page)

The Business of the Internet A no-nonsense Introduction to the Internet for Commercial Organizations.
(Condensed information and well worth the few minutes viewing time, Eric)
Metacrawler - Sends queries to several search engines at the same tome giving you a blend of the results. - Providing links to a huge range of general an topical search engines and directories.
Deja News - Searches newsgroup discussions.
Euroseek - Search engine available in several languages. Cybermedia - OIL CHANGE - Oil change is a cleverly designed program that makes a catalog of your hard drive and compares software versions and advises of downloadable updates via the Web and even installs them automatically!

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Infoseek guide

Infoseek Guide Search Engine

[Infoseek Guide]


Infoseek Guide

The best way to find what you want on the Net. Type in words and phrases see Help above to get the most out of your search
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