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In Review.........Field guide for forest roads

The Westcoast Logger - November / December 1994

"Forest Practices Code field guides, a must for anyone working in forest road construction"

Forest Practices Code field guide for Forest Roads - by Eric L Kay Discovery Press, Campbell River. - 3 short pocket-size volumes.

"Supervisors Guide to Construction, Maintenance, Deactivation and Safety"
"Operators Guide to Construction, Maintenance, and Safety"
"Operators Guide to Deactivation and Safety"

As a heavy equipment operator, contractor, and entrepreneur who works on logging roads, Erik Kay found the plethora of rules, regulations, and agencies that deal with roads difficult to deal with.

"I was doing a job, and I felt I didn't have the information I needed," he told the Logger. "I found the conflict of different agencies, half truths, partial knowledge of supervisors, Ministries, engineers, etc. Extremely frustrating and confusing."

Eric decided to do something about it.

For the past six years he's been assembling a library of information on road construction practices, and he has sought the assistance of the Ministry of Forests, the Workers Compensation Board, and others to assemble three practical field guides to Road Construction, Maintenance and Safety.

The results, recently published by Discovery Press, are a must for anyone working on forest roads. In these three short, pocket-sized guides, you'll find a basic introduction to the most important legislation and regulations guiding grade construction, tights of way, working near watersheds, subgrades, drainage, ditch and culvert construction, equipment maintenance, radio usage, lasting, stream crossings, puncheon, armoring, slides, rip-rap, back-casting, fuel storage, landing and dry land sort constructions and many other subjects.

We applaud the author for the admirable job he has done. These condensed guides are quick and easy to read - must for anyone working in forest Road Construction, Maintenance or Deactivation.

For your Guide(s), contact Eric Kay, at 88712 Island Highway, Black Creek, B.C., V9J 1K5. Telephone: 604-337-5096, or Fax: 604-337-5096.

Book review - The Westcoast Logger - November / December 1994

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