Eric L Kay & Associates would like to facillitate communicate about forestry issues by using the internet as a forum to further and broaden the knowlege of Environmentally Sound Forestry Practices around the world.

You may submitt your comments at Forum Submissions or if you wish you may send in a submission by E Mail Note: E Mail ( may be the best way if your submission is lengthy as you can send a pre-prepared document (such as composed on a word pocessor) as an "Attached" file.
If we choose your submission as the top story for 1996, you will be awarded a free copy ofSupervisors and Operators Construction, Maintenance, Deactivation & Safety Manuals covering the B.C. Forest Practices Code. (A three book set)

We encourage viewers to check out the Kay & AssociatesHome page for Forestry information and a list of world sites on forestry.

Submissions ............... Eric is looking for an individual that will assist in the reciept and posting of submissions. If you are willing to host this section (Eric can supply the information and instructions for maintenance) please contact me by E Mail

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