Road Deactivation Database
Information Package

The program has three main functions:

· provide a accurate cost estimate for a road deactivation project.

· provide clear and concise reports that contain information specific to a person's needs. Eg Map report, Operator report, Detailed cost reports.

· achieve the previous two functions in less time than it would take to produce one report by the conventional means (ie. Spreadsheet and word processor)

Reasonable Cost Estimates:

The computer program generates a cost estimate based on the level 2 assessment prescriptions. Each prescriptive action has an associated time and cost which is used along with the equipment operating rate and other factors to produce a standard cost. These costs are then summed for the length of the road to give a total cost of deactivation and a cost per meter.

For the prescriptive actions that are not adequately costed in the standard cost a person can enter an extra cost. You enter site specific details like the equipment and the hours that it is required for to produce an extra cost. In the list there are 40+ types of equipment and labour personnel to choose from to produce an exact job cost.

Many of the entries feature pick boxes to choose standard actions (which you can edit or add to!). The prescription action descriptions are the ones as used in the Advanced Deactivation Course presented by the BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network. You may modify these descriptions to suit your actions and location and you can add to this list!

The program is completely customisable to your local conditions and ground types. All standard times are custom modifiable by the user as are the variable factors.

The program features a cost calculator for end hauling. It will give you a job cost and assist you in choosing appropriate equipment for loading and hauling. You can specify the loading equipment(eg excavator size), Truck type(and capacity), haul distances, truck travel speed, and the program will advise you the optimum number of trucks to keep the loading equipment working at full capacity and a total dollar cost for the end hauling, and lets you play "what if" in changing any of the factors.

This is a rational means of producing a road deactivation cost estimate provided that the underlying data is sound. The machine rental rates, productivity scales and the times for the prescriptive actions must reflect the local conditions For example, productivity varies with the material types and terrain and also with the skill and knowledge of the operator and his/her training in deactivation principles.

Clear and Concise Reports

There are a number of reports that this computer program produces, each a subset of the

prescriptions data:

A sample copy of some reports is included in this information package


To become a truly useful tool any computer program must be easy to use. To achieve this the program was made to be menu driven with menus that are organized in an intuitive manner. This makes it easy for a person to quickly accomplish what he wants.

System requirements: Windows95 (16 megs RAM recornmended)

media: 5,3.5" Floppy disks

Unit Cost: $650.00 Canadian

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